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Gina Schreck
I can’t thank you enough for the incredible work you did on our membership website. Not only does it look great, but you got it up and running so fast! You both had excellent communication with me throughout the process, and Bill, I love the video tutorials you created to help me remember all the features and how to access them. Those are a huge value and such an unexpected touch! I would highly recommend you and Maggie to anyone needing a WordPress site built, and especially a membership site! THANK YOU!”
~ Gina Schreck

Lewis Howes
“Bill developed my first membership site for me. Bill’s the guy to contact if you’re looking for a high end WordPress membership site.”
~ Lewis Howes

Susan Diamond
“What a pleasure! Yes, I’m talking about technology and I’m able to describe my experience in the positive. Bill and Maggie Stilwell are the answer to my prayers. Literally. My website is, a place where people visit to find inspiration. Bill and Maggie led the way for a total website rebuild. I have some complicated issues migrating old content to my new site and preserving SEO value.

Bill knew exactly what we could and could not do – he knows his stuff. Maggie’s graphic design is awesome. Her creative input has been invaluable. In addition to the Stilwell expertise, their customer service and response time is beyond anything I could ask for. And, they made it affordable for us to work together.

I was able to engage Maggie to refresh my logo, tagline, and every single social media platform – and still come in ahead of my modest budget. Don’t even consider anyone else for strategic online marketing, graphic design, and website development. This team is the best.”
~ Susan Diamond

Tony Steuer
“The dynamic duo of Bill and Maggie Stilwell are true heroes when it comes to rescuing your online presence. Their powers range from an ability to understand one’s business and goals, display exceptional listening skills, demystify all of the various options and always be available. In working with many developers and “web people”, Bill and Maggie are professionals who provide significant value in maximizing my online services and web presence.

If you are looking for a team that can take care of your WordPress needs and Rainmaker specifically in both the design and functionality areas and then explain it in such a way that you can maintain it yourself, then you should consider Bill and Maggie.

Bill Stilwell is a great resource for all aspects of a web business. Bill took the time to fully understand my business plan and gave me invaluable input far beyond the website design: marketing, branding, etc. Bill will help you take your business to the next level. On top of that Bill and Maggie are available, work quickly and are just good people.”
~ Tony Steuer

Cigdem Kobu
“My membership site crashed because of a plugin incompatibility. And it looked as if the hosting and membership plugin companies would not provide the lightning-fast support I desperately needed (with member emails piling up in my inbox: “I can’t log in!) Then, I knew there has never been a better time to give Rainmaker one committed try.

I had already signed up a month ago but hadn’t experimented with the platform at all. Nevertheless, I rolled up my sleeves and designed the site to look exactly like how my site was before it crashed. The next day, I contacted Bill to help me set up the membership component while I created my course pages and members’ library (I knew him through his extremely helpful comments in the Rainmaker forums.) Five days later, I was ready to register my current members, enroll new members, sell my courses, blog, and create to my heart’s content. I was back in business again. Bill really knows his thing.

Whether you like dealing with techie stuff like I do or you’re a total WordPress newbie, you need to work with him if you want to deploy your site on the fantastic Rainmaker platform at turbo speed and start doing business. He is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but he’s also super-swift and very generous with his time. He makes sure you leave absolutely delighted with what you’ve got. I can’t recommend him and his team enough.”
~ Cigdem Kobu

Brian Clark
“Bill Stilwell knows the Rainmaker Platform better than anyone I know outside of the company. His generosity and eagerness to help, tells me a lot about the quality of his business.”
~ Brian Clark

Bob Mason
“The New Rainmaker is a great platform, but for the nontechnical entrepreneur in a hurry, it is not quite the flawlessly user-friendly vehicle one might think. I was down to just a few days before “going live” and starting to feel the first stirrings of panic.

I happened upon Bill in a New Rainmaker forum and was thrilled to see someone who understood the platform and who was available for me to turn to. After a few quick Skype conferences Bill understood my issues and my time sensitivity. He was all over it. And at a very reasonable price, I might add. I wouldn’t hesitate”
~ Bob Mason

Bryan Collins
“I highly recommend Bill and Maggie for your next web project. They worked with me to complete a budget friendly feature box on my WordPress powered blog.The box they designed increased sign-ups to my mailing list.

They completed the project on time, and gave me lots of advice about how I can improve my site. I’m looking forward to working with them on my next project.”
~ Bryan Collins

Clare Barry
“With a modest budget, zero design expertise and grand ambitions for my new venture, I needed a team who could translate my abstract design vision and advise me on the best of the Rainmaker platform to support my specific business needs. Bill and Maggie from SiteSmarty are the best! I am based in London, UK and I found the team to very responsive; both were available to Skype or email whenever I needed.

Bill was generous with his considerable knowledge but most important for me, he spoke in layman’s terms and helped me match up my requirements with Rainmaker’s functionality. Maggie is so approachable – she really listens – and she guided me to other design and graphic possibilities once she got a sense for what I liked. As I am just starting out and have few development skills, it was critical to me that my new site looked and performed well but would be easy for me to maintain.

This is exactly what I got thanks to Rainmaker and SiteSmarty! I am so thrilled with my site – Maggie’s creative flair makes it look sleek and professional. Plus I can sleep safe knowing Bill set up the backend to keep everything running smoothly. I now have the time and headspace to write sparkling content and build my audience. I could never have done it without SiteSmarty.”
~ Clare Barry

Hammish Riddoch
“Having decided to take part of my business online, I initially thought I’d build my own website on the Rainmaker platform. It surely can’t be that hard. But after several attempts, I finally turned to Bill and Maggie and what a great experience it’s been. I’m based in the UK and despite the 8 hour time difference, they are easy to get hold of via email and skype, highly responsive and very quick to make any changes.

But what adds most value for me is the huge amount of knowledge they bring about the Rainmaker platform and how membership sites operate. Bill takes the time to explain things and the whole process has been highly educational to me enabling me to manage and develop my site from here on in.”
~ Hammish Riddoch

“Creating a membership and e-course site was a much bigger project than I’d anticipated, and I was relieved to have Bill and Maggie support me in choosing the right software and set up the site. Despite an 8-hour time difference it was always easy to get in touch via email or Skype and they were unbelievably quick to make any requested changes. I’m now running a trial of my e-course and so far everything is going swimmingly.”
~ Henneke

Janet Wentworth
“I moved to the Rainmaker platform in order to grow the online side of my business. It was also the right time to make a major branding change and update the look of the site, newsletter and other components. I could have done it myself and struggled through the learning curve. But I had a business to develop and that needed to be my focus, not learning a new website platform.

That is when I contacted Bill and Maggie. It was the right move. They moved the project along quickly (do they ever sleep? I was getting emails practically 24 hours a day!). I love the new site. It perfectly represents my business personality. Maggie created little touches that make all the difference and Bill was there for help with the forms and technical issues. They are a great team!”
~ Janet Wentworth

Jaz Ampaw
“Bill knows Rainmaker inside and out is a godsend to someone like me trying to use this powerful software to run a business. However, what makes Bill unique is the genuine care and concern he has for his clients. He goes above and beyond to generously share his time and knowledge with you.

Bill is patient with beginners and always happy to empower you by teaching you how to maintain your site. There are skilled developers out there but none as passionate about your success as Bill.”
~ Jaz Ampaw

Jeff Korhan
“When I first learned about Rainmaker and its powerful capabilities I knew it was the platform for growing our Landscape Digital Institute community. The challenge was balancing that power with simplicity to create a first class experience that will keep our audience engaged. We couldn’t be happier with the result and how Bill and Maggie made that happen from start to finish.”
~ Jeff Korhan

John Jantsch
“Bill Stilwell is the go to resource for New Rainmaker. The Rainmaker tool is awesome and with Bill’s help you’ll have no problem making it sizzle just for you.”
~ John Jantsch

Juliana Tu
“ Fantastic! That is the only word I can use to describe our new website. The Maggie and Bill team does it again! Throughout the years they have helped us design and re-design our site as our needs change. Each time it just gets better. It is not only the creativity that goes into it, but also the patience needed as Bill and Maggie handle our requests and questions at all hours of the day or night.

The turn around response time makes us feel like we are prioritized over all others, yet we know they are also busy handling other clients. This is just part of the great customer service we have been privy to. They are perfectionists! That is so important when the website is the first thing that potential clients look at when they research our company.

We have received many great comments about our site and it is with pride that we showcase it. All thanks to Team Stilwell. No hesitation to recommend them, and if you have questions you can look me up on our website and give me a call!”
~ Juliana Tu

Ken Ma
“A great husband and wife team with talents that complement each other. They deliver! They are fast! They communicate! They are up to date! And they support all their own work. We have been working together for over 4 years. They have helped us with our company website ( and my other business’ website ( and other different projects.

They also make recommendations based on their experience working in the field.Currently, they are updating our Viva Escrow site to an up-to-date layout design and adding membership functions to my 66english site. If you want results, contact Bill and Maggie!”
~ Ken Ma

Kim McKinney
“I loved the way Maggie and Bill took ownership of our problems for us. It was such a relief to work with them.They are so calm, competent and reassuring. Maggie and Bill went above and beyond at every step of the process, often providing additional advice and guidance on issues they uncovered as they worked with us. Next time we have a problem, I won’t even worry, because I know Bill and Maggie will be there ready to help.”
~ Kim McKinney

Marc Smith
“Maggie and Bill have been a wonderful resource for me in my attempt to strengthen my online presence. Throughout my development as a content creator, I have used many SEO professionals and Web creative agencies. Bill and Maggie are leaps and bounds ahead of all the other professionals I have used.

Honesty, integrity, professional, straightforward and wise are the words that come to mind when describing my interaction with Bill and Maggie. Thank you for all your help!”
~ Marc Smith

Michelle Murtha
“The decision to add a new forum to one of my websites was made a lot easier with Bill’s expertise. I was quoted a fantastic price for fantastic service, and everything went smooth as can be. Fast turnaround, and all of my questions were answered. I’ll definitely use Bill’s services again.”
~ Michelle Murtha

Kim McKinney
“Working with Bill and Maggie through the process of designing our site was a great experience. We very highly recommend them. Bill was very willing to educate us, as we went thru this process and pointed us in a direction to keep it simple for us to maintain.

After a lot of work, Bill got to know our business better and suggested a change to a different business model for our site. He didn’t have to do that, after all the work he already put into it. That showed us they put their customer’s success before doing what’s easy for them. Every part of this process exceeded our expectations. 5 stars!”
~ Kim McKinney

Rosalyn Stewart
“What a privilege to work with Team Bill and Maggie at SiteSmarty! They are so humble and so knowledgeable. They are an easy going couple who truly listens to your needs, and executes your vision. Secretly, they are a powerhouse! I am so excited to use the Rainmaker Platform for my website. And with the high level of professionalism that my site conveys. I’m sure it will be a success thanks to Maggie. She and I worked together on what proved to be a pretty complex endeavor (more so for me, than Maggie).

I am new to WordPress as well as Rainmaker. Yet, I feel like I can be a true pro after working with Maggie who has been patient to show me several tips so I can maintain the site on my own. After enduring a not so wonderful experience with my previous web developer, I researched many companies.

From the start, Bill was quick to respond. I read their other testimonials before choosing Site Smarty (there are many more now by the way) and they are all TRUE. Their prices are very competitive, their creativity is beautiful, their knowledge is spot on (lots of great tips and advice) and they probably have the best customer service of any company that I’ve worked with! In addition to my site, Maggie prepared for me, my brand print media (business cards, letterhead, logo, envelope) both quickly and professionally.

I can feel proud of my brand marketing thanks to the services of Site Smarty. If you are in the market for such services (whether on RM or not), you will want to choose SiteSmarty. I’m sure glad I did and I will continue to use them for future projects.”
~ Rosalyn Stewart

Sara Jantsch
“Working with Bill and Maggie has been a great experience. From theme development to membership portals to Rainmaker and WordPress work, they are our go to for projects. Bill is extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond, and eager to help. I couldn’t ask for more and would highly recommend the team for your next job!”
~ Sara Jantsch

Scott Skibell
“Choosing SiteSmarty is like getting a theme AND a consultant for your business. Their themes are gorgeous, functional and come with the experience and insight to integrate it into your business. Bill and Maggie made my site look good but more importantly, made my site work for me.”
~ Scott Skibell

Stan Sutherland
“Living as I do in somewhat remote New Zealand and searching for guidance on going forward on my ideas on building an internet business. At last I found someone who talks common sense. A rare commodity in an environment where the alleged experts focus on selling their self proclaimed expertise on how to do it and invariably attempting to promote their products in the process. It has taken me a long time to find someone like Bill and now at last there’s someone I can talk to and get sensible answers and useful information to help me on my way. My sincere thanks Bill.”
~ Stan Sutherland

Stephanie Sammons
“I’ve finally found a partner who understands how to professionally design and deliver a comprehensive, stand out digital platform!”
~ Stephanie Sammons

Teresa Carr
“The launch of my new website today was the culmination of an extremely exciting project working with Maggie and Bill. They walked me through the whole project step by step and I am so pleased with the result. They are extremely knowledgeable and responsive, and worked hard to get the smallest details just perfect.

What a team and I am so glad they agreed to work with me to get my website up and running. I would highly recommend them!”
~ Teresa Carr

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