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What is a White Label Reseller?

A White Label Reseller is a person or business that uses a platform of a product or service provider to brand the product or service platform as their own.

White Label Reseller Benefits:

1. Create Lifelong Recurring Income

IMO, the White Label Reseller opportunity is the best online business to own because it’s very easy to scale. You can grow the business to any size you like at minimum cost. Anyone can be a White Label Reseller, so if you have a little ambition, White Label can create lifelong recurring revenue for you and your family without you having to worry about income.

2. Create New or Additional Revenue Streams

If you are a web designer, web developer, SEO, social media manager, agency of any kind or a business coach/consultant, then you can integrate White Label into your current offerings to create recurring revenue. Make sure you sign up for my free updates as I will send you different scenarios to help trigger thought on how to implement White Label into your existing offerings.

3. Use Existing Technology Infrastructure

Imagine what it costs to build the infrastructure of a software platform. Most platforms cost millions if not tens of millions to start up. White Label is a way to resell multi million dollar infrastructure, while keeping your costs next to nothing. When you think about it and if you get an “Aha” moment, you’ll understand why I like this business model so much.

4. Dirt Cheap to Start and Maintain

As an example, this platform provides you with an opportunity to run a White Label Digital Marketing Agency for well under a $1,000 a month with unlimited sub accounts that you charge whatever you want for each account. Think Self Storage vs White Label Recurring Revenue. If you run this White Label Reseller account as I suggest you can earn an unlimited amount of income.

5. Scale to Infinity

White Label allows you to scale to infinity. There are no restrictions. See my story about the Self Storage business vs the Recurring Revenue White Label Reseller business. Self Storage is one of the best offline real estate businesses, but the expense to build are in the millions of dollars and you can only build storage units in a limited number determined by property size and regulations. Having your own Recurring Revenue White Label Reseller business removes all those barriers.

6. Create a High Value Asset

Building a saleable asset should always be a consideration when starting any type of business. You never know where life is going to take you. Who knows, someone might come by and make an offer to buy your White Label business that you can’t refuse. Build around that idea. You can always pivot and build another White Label Reseller business.

Who can be a White Label Reseller?

Anyone that has ambition can be a White Label reseller. You don’t have to know the deep technical aspects of the White Label platform you use because in most instances you can either hire or outsource techies to do any technical work that specifically applies to your brand.

Many White Label marketing platforms offer services specifically designed to help their White Label clients—that’s you.

If you are a web designer, web developer, SEO, social media marketing specialist, business coach, business consultant and already know how to use online tools, you’ll have no problem becoming a White Label Reseller.

You can do as much work as you want or you can outsource the work you don’t want to do.

IMO, the best way to maximize your recurring revenue is by outsourcing fulfillment while you focus on running your White Label business, tweaking documentation and supporting your sub account clients.

What products and services have White Label Reseller programs?

There are a lot of high-end Recurring Revenue White Label Reseller opportunities online with more being added on a regular basis. Make sure you sign up to receive my free updates so I can notify you when I come across worthy White Label Reseller opportunities and content that will help you in your business.

Checkout the White Reseller opportunities that exist now:

1. All-in One White Label Marketing Agency SaaS Platform

Starting January 2021 this White Label Digital Marketing Reseller Platform just added a SaaS mode to their White Label Agency Reseller option which gives you the ability to run a platform just like the big boys with a complete dashboard for billing, payments and a ton of other options. Plus, they have a marketplace where you can choose to have work done for you.

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2. Done for You Website Design and Marketing Agency Service

This White Label Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency Reseller company does everything you don’t want to do. They charge you a reseller fee, then you add your mark up. It doesn’t get easier than this. You can scale without doing the work.

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3. CRM/Email Marketing Platform

This White Label Reseller Customer Relationship Management and Email Marketing Automation platform provides you with the ability to have your own email marketing branded company with the opportunity to make huge recurring revenue margins. The platform works just about flawlessly, so you can spend your time marketing your own business instead of managing tech.

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4. Ecommerce Platform

This White Label Reseller Platform is a first-class, high-end eCommerce platform. Resell under your brand and set your price using this white label e-commerce program. Manage all your clients’ accounts easily with one central dashboard for ecommerce resellers. Never worry about maintenance or updates again thanks to this secure, hosted cloud solution.

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5. All-in-One Business Messaging Platform

This White Label Reseller Platform is an opportunity to offer sub accounts to your own customers at any price you want. The platform centralizes messages across the web into each sub account you have on your own branded platform. It’s very easy to setup and market. Just about every niche or industry wants to message customers from one central location.

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